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Why my marriage is my Parent’s responsibility??

Few days back I was sitting by my balcony beside my plants and was enjoying my evening coffee, when my phone rang. It was Supriya, an old friend. Supriya and I are very close friends since college days. Excitedly, I picked up the call and what I heard uplifted my mood and I jumped in… Continue reading Why my marriage is my Parent’s responsibility??

Non Fiction

Don’t give up..!!

Yesterday morning while reading newspaper..I came across one more suicide case. A girl around 21 years old was not happy with her life. She said in her note that she felt lonely and she could not handle the burden of this life anymore..!! I read the whole article and it shook me from within..How easy… Continue reading Don’t give up..!!


Hey guys I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award by my fellow blogger Puja... ( ), who herself is so versatile with her blogs. Thank you so much Puja for nominating me. Love to you..!! Following are a few steps for those who have been nominated for this Award. Steps are as follows:-… Continue reading



  Keeping the blocks one on the other She locked herself in.. Deciding to stay inside.. She shut everyone out..   Life felt dull.. It felt empty to her.. So, giving up on everyone.. She decided to leave..   Weeping day and night.. She fiddled between two thoughts.. Should I pierce my wrist.. Or hanging… Continue reading AND SHE WENT AWAY..!!



Yes, I am a writer.. I sell my pain.. The more you hurt me.. More shall I grow.. The tears you give me.. Turn into my words.. The pain you give me.. Are the seeds of my sword.. Yes..!! I am a writer.. I sell my pain.. The more you hurt.. More shall I gain..!!… Continue reading Writer..!!

Inspired from real lives

Should only women be blamed for Mahabharata and Ramayana??

The other day I was sitting with a group of friends and one of them was pouring his heart out. Confessing about a fight between him and his best friend, just because of a girl. In order to support him and make him understand, one of the friends in the group suddenly spoke..bhai..ladki hamesha fasaad… Continue reading Should only women be blamed for Mahabharata and Ramayana??


The Girl who Saw!!

It is a cloudy day, sun is trying hard to shine through the clouds. Trying its best to spread its rays through out the city. I don’t know which city it is, but I can spot a few Asian people by the beach. Some were taking a stroll, while others were just passing by. Just… Continue reading The Girl who Saw!!


The Boy in Pink Trousers

What has happened to this generation? Whispered an old man in his wife’s ears. They both questionably, looked at the pink trousers of the boy at the bus stop. His feminine body language raised a lot of questions in their minds and soon those judging eyes were multiplied by two middle-aged man, a young girl… Continue reading The Boy in Pink Trousers



  In an attempt to overshadow my loneliness.. I surrounded myself with the hue and cry of city life.. I went to malls, market and coffee shops.. But all I heard were the screams of lonely souls, and their hearts cry.. Walking past them, hearing all the pain... I felt there were sufferings much more… Continue reading Soulmate..!!