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Lesson by the beach

It was mid February, and as expected the sun was shining bright upon our heads, as if laughing a devilish laughter, showing off its power. Me and my friends went to a beach around 200 kilometers away from Mumbai, as we wanted to enthrall ourselves with some water sports. It was quite humid that day as compared to the whole week, but with the excitement of all the adventure that was stored for us we went to the beach. It was 3 p.m. in the afternoon. As we reached the beach the salty air engulfed my lungs. It was very hot and the sand was burning as if it had been on a furnace for quite a long time., but nobody felt it as every other feeling in the world was squashed under the excitement and thrill.
We all decided to go for the water scooter before the other rides and being the initiator always, I chose to go first. As I sat on my ride, I could sense the adrenaline gushing through my veins. My heart was thumping fast, but I had a smile on my face which was mixed with the nervousness and the thrill. The guard pressed the ignition button and in no time I went quite far away from the shore. I was excited and all my friends were waving at me, screaming my name cheering me up. But what happened next was something I never thought about.
As I was posing like a world conqueror, the guard started taking small circles in the sea on a very high speed, and in no time my scooter turned upside down in the sea and I fell in the ocean. Fear engulfed me as I didn’t knew swimming. I struggled…tried to come on top for some air..but the more I struggled the more deeper I went in the sea..I was wearing my life jacket but I didn’t trusted it..and I kept on struggling for air. The more I struggle the more sea water went in my lungs., as I was not able to control my breathing. During this struggle I suddenly saw help coming for me..the person was screaming at me to stop struggling and just let the body loose..I first didn’t trusted him but since that struggle was not helping much I decided to give up..I laid down at my back..left my arms and legs loose and suddenly my body started floating on top..and I breathed..The man and the water scooter guy took me to the shore. I was safe..!!
Sitting at the shore, at that moment I realized that our lives are like what my condition was in the ocean…we struggle to be on top..we struggle for our dreams and ambitions..we struggle throughout our lives and live in regrets, but we never trust God. We trust him but never enough to leave it up to him.
I am not saying that we don’t need to work hard..but with our hard and intelligent work we need to trust him as he has sent us down with life jackets and life guards..but we just don’t see them as we are busy struggling.
So, for a moment just let loose and trust his plans, because he has thought of one, for each one of us.

Manasi Umanita


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    I think you have wrote all the content in the post excerpt because it’s not showing up in the post body. 😊
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  2. Hey Manasi,
    It’s Neha here,First of all thank you so much for giving your precious time to read my blog,I wholely appreciate this kind gesture.It’s such a pleasure to read your writing.Hope to read such elysian posts like this.
    sending lots of love.

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