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What True Love is??


Few days back me and my friend went for a walk in the garden. We have become a bit health conscious since last few days, as we noticed the width of the tyre around our waist was increasing. We decided to religiously go for brisk walks to maintain it, so that we can guilty freely eat double chocolate brownies and late night ice cream scoops.

So, there we were in the garden. But as we were walking by I saw a beautiful red rose peeping out to us amongst the flowers, and I knew that I am about to hear a long Awwwww…and just then I heard it. My friend screamed…”awwww..look its so beautiful.” I knew red roses are her weakness.

She ran towards it and touched it tenderly, like a mother trying to hold her new born baby in the arms for the first time. She is excited as well as frightened that she may hurt him. So was the condition of my friend. She was mesmerized by its beauty and kept staring at it. Trust me I didn’t find anything extraordinary in that particular rose, but may be her love for the red roses made her see something which I was not able to notice.

She was still busy in admiring the flower, when I looked around and I went to her. I softly murmured in her ears…”I just saw around, there’s no one…you can pluck it and hide it in your bag.” She looked at me in surprise and excitement and asked me..really..can I? I said “yeah..!! if you really want to.” She thought for a second and then got up dusting off the mud from her clothes…and what she said next kept lingering with me for a long time. She said..“I know I have an opportunity to own it and you know how much I love red roses, but if I will pluck it and take it home it will die in sometime, and if I control my urge to own it then there is a chance that I can come here and admire it daily for a longer period of time.” She said that and went ahead running. But I was left spell bound. I thought that may be this is the mistake we do in relationships. When we love some one, we feel as if we own them, but love is all about freedom. We usually mistake love with the feeling of obsession, because we fear that we will be left alone. But love does not mean fear, its just the opposite.

If we are truly in love with anything then there is no space for fear, all we have is trust and freedom.

Manasi Umanita


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