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For All You Superwomen..!!

Hey you..Superwomen!! I am talking to you all..!!

Perhaps you all would be busy with something, trying to showcase your superpowers..juggling between more than the number of jobs a normal human being can handle.

May be you are currently on a phone call related to work, trying to chase your dreams and meanwhile handling the kitchen department showcasing the skills of a world class chef..and may be your husband is calling out to you as he is not able to find his pair of black socks or the shirt you lend to the iron guy for ironing..may be meanwhile your in-laws are waiting for their morning cup of tea..or may be the newborn is crying out for you..!!

There can be a number of may be’s and a number of jobs that you could be juggling with right now…feeling proud of yourself..or may be exhausted even..but just stop.!! Stop for a while and take a deep breath and just think for a second..!!

Are you really a superwoman.?

Do you really love to juggle around with so much everyday, or its just the social taboo indirectly bounding you to be one, may be because every other women around you has been a superwoman indirectly forces you to be one.

But why..?? Why you want to be one..? Why can’t you just relax and accept the fact that you are no superwoman and you are just a human being. A normal, basic human being.

Why showcasing yourself as a superwoman is so important..? Why seeking out for help is not an option you can consider.?

You really don’t need to be a superwoman. You don’t need to prove this to the world and specially to urself.

Relax..!! Enjoy..Be who you are..We all are born with flaws, just accept and relish yours.

Take it easy and enjoy this ride called life and just try to embrace the fact..”You are a normal human being like anyone else..!!”

Manasi Umanita


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