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Smart Work pays off.!! (2 min. read)

It was a lazy Sunday evening. I had been sitting on my couch the whole day..munching on some popcorns and watching movies back to back, when I decided to go for a walk at the beach. I had been feeling little low since last few days as no meeting was turning out positively and in such situations, going for a walk, beside the ocean, is the perfect solution. Ocean has always been my favorite stress buster.

May be its restless waves match the restlessness in my heart and we create our own harmony.

All I need to do is just be with it completely. So I sat beside it, hearing the sound of waves..concentrating on them and leaving everything else behind. While I was pouring my heart out, giving away all the pain and letting the ocean heal me, I saw a kid, trying to make a castle with the sand and every time he would try to build it, a wave would come and destroy it. I smiled at him. He was lost in his world, not giving a damn and just trying hard again and again. I knew, it was not Ocean’s fault, which was destroying his castle. Ocean was just doing what it is meant to do. Not being able to control myself I went to the kid. I picked up his tools and shifted him a little behind. I told him that the waves will not destroy his castle now. The clueless kid, smiled at me and again got busy, building his dream castle and in no time the castle was built and this time no wave came to destroy it. I smiled at him and realized one big thing. Maybe this is what we all are doing. We are working very hard, but still we are not being able to make it through. What if just like that kid we are not trying at the right place, or with the right people. We blame God, we blame circumstances but its not their mistake. Mistake is ours.

What if all we need is, just a little smartness with all that hard work. 

Getting, what I was seeking for, I started walking back home, feeling fresh and energetic as if my soul got its monthly overhauling done.

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