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What caste I am..??

The other day I was hanging out with a friend at a cafe. We were having a casual conversation about life, when I overheard the conversation of two people sitting behind me. Relishing their waffles and shakes they were talking about some random guy who is doing great in his life, but is a “Naai” (barber) by caste. They were making fun of his caste and fun of what he has achieved in his life. I was shocked on hearing this as being 29 years old I still don’t understand this concept of caste system. 

What this caste system is all about? How do you decide my caste?

In early time people were bi-furcated into a caste system according to their profession.

Kings and Queens were considered Rajputs/Shatriya (Rulers/warriors), Brahmin ( Priests/learned people), Sunaar (Goldsmiths), Gowli (the one who takes care of cows and buffaloes) etc. 

In early period the children of a Sunar would be sunar only, children of Brahmins would become Brahmin and that is the reason a family was titled with particular caste.

In Moderns times a person has all the freedom to choose his profession. For example I come from a Brahmin family but my father is a businessman (Vaishya- if we try to cover it under a caste) and when I became a writer by profession and joined the entertainment industry, my caste should be changed again.

What I don’t understand is when caste of a person is according to his or her profession then how come an actor could still be a Sunaar and a businessman be a Brahmin.?

Confused?? So am I..!! The question here is whether I am a Brahmin, as per I am told by my parents about my caste or the day I became a writer my caste changed? Ideally what my caste is and what your caste is?

In this modern times does this caste system really holds any place?



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  1. The day a person starts noticing other person without the tag of caste that day the said person is transformed into a better human. A very well written post 🙂 on a different note, I nominated you for lovely blogger award, I will be very happy if you could accept it 🙂

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  2. Thank u so much coffeegirl for nominating for the award…sorry but didn’t get any notification about it..just got to know about it from your comment..:) 🙂


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