Non Fiction

We all are blessed with a uniqueness..what’s your?

I believe, we all are gifted with something unique..a blend of something which no one else possesses.  All we need to do, is to find out what we love most and then just spend the rest of our lives, loving it in the truest manner possible..and just polishing it steadily day by day.

We all are one of a kind and all we need to do is, find that uniqueness in ourself and love it…love it with the core of our heart, embrace it and in no time it will be so polished that no one else would be possessing that kind of uniqueness and no one in the world would be able to do what we could do..!

I always knew that I am an emotional person, its not very difficult to touch my heart. All the emotions come easily to me and with that I possess a unique quality of understanding people and their situations.

Yes at times it create difficulties for me, as when asked to take sides I am usually struggling to take one and at times I get easily hurt with people, but then when I decide to confront them it becomes difficult because I somehow understand why they did, what they did.

Coming out as a difficulty, a lot of times I decided to make it my strength. I started studying human behavior, human emotions more sharply, I developed the skill of listening to people. Being a warm person, it was not very difficult to make people share their emotions, but since I am an introvert, it was a bit difficult initially, but then I started enjoying it. Helping out people in understanding the opposite point of view, introducing them to the new side of the picture. This is what made me understand human behavior and human emotions better which helped me become stronger as a writer and thus my belief on the philosophy of polishing your uniqueness, grew stronger.

So, what is your uniqueness..I know there is one..but what..? Just think about it for a moment and try to figure it out..may be a lot of things would be solved with just one answer.

Manasi Umanita