All excited she got ready..trying various clothes..

A red dress…or a pink top..what would look allure..

She wanted to welcome him, looking her best..

So, giving up on the pink top,  she chose the red dress..

Sitting in-front of the mirror she put her makeup on..

Mascara, lipgloss, eyeshadow she did it all..

As she looked at herself, in the mirror again..

She saw something was sparkling, on her face..

Noticing the watch she got up fast..

Rushing downstairs she sat in the cab..

As she reached the airport she searched for that one soul..

Amongst the crowd of people..she felt so alone..

She waited for hours..and even tried to call..

But he was not there..to answer at all..

So she went back home..and sat in-front of the mirror..

She looked at her dull face… and shed some tears..

She wept whole night and slept on the chair..

But, next morning she woke up, with a smiling face..

All excited she got up..trying various clothes..

A red dress..or a pink top..what would look allure..

She rushed to the airport..to get her heart broken again..

As she missed the fact that, he is never returning again…

She waited for hours..when a drop fell from the sky..

It was his tear..as he too waited for her, in the blue sky..!!

Manasi Umanita


17 thoughts on “THE WAIT”

  1. Beautiful..
    I think I understand this emotion well.. When your heart does not want to give up inspite of being aware about the fact that someone is not going to come back and you just keep fighting a battle inside yourself. Deep inside you know it might never happen but still you just can’t let go and choose to..wait..

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