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The heart in which a mother and a woman coexists..!!

This one is for all the mothers of today. In whom co exists a mother and a woman. A mother who is a nurturer and a woman who has dreams and aspirations which she never wants to give up.

We have always recognized and appreciated the warmth, care and all the emotions that comes with the word mother. We have celebrated the word mother with high emotional quotient. But today what I want to celebrate is something different. I want to appreciate and applause all the mothers out there who have not lost themselves while playing the role of mothers.

This is for all the Mothers who have not let the feeling of motherhood overshadow them. They have kept a small piece of who they are left intact while becoming Mothers.

This one is to all the mothers out there, fighting, struggling hard for their dreams and aspirations and still being that warm human being. This is one is specially for my mother- the one who has always inspired me to fight for my dreams and never give up on becoming who I want to be.

My mother is my role model not just because of the warmth and unconditional love but also because she is the one who has never given up in any situation. I have seen her struggling, to learn new things, struggling to get better and improve her self every day.

I still remember the day when she started working as a teacher after a long break of 20 years. She was so nervous. She started working in a small rural school, which began just few months back. She really worked hard in building it up and literally gave sweat and blood. No doubts her hard work was recognized well. She was awarded as the best teacher in that area. Since the day she started that job, she never looked back and just kept propelling in the area and now she works in one of the best school of our city. Its not that she got it easily. She worked day and night. She was not a convent student so english is not a language she knew at all. But, I saw her working on it day and night, trying to improver herself. She studied like kids, asking words from us, learning the meaning, learning the spelling of the names of the kids of her class. She had the fear of speaking on stage in front of crowd but now she is the constant moderator, presenter for any function that takes place in her school. I have seen her struggling and learning each day.

Now, she is the H.O.D. of her department and I still see her working as hard as her first day.

So, yes my mother is my inspiration. She comes to my mind when life gets tough. She comes to my mind when things get hard to achieve. She comes to my mind when I am about to give up on something. She comes to my mind when I think I can’t work this hard. When she can do it at 59 I can also do it.

So, Yes….Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there, who are the inspiration for their children, not just as a Mother, and as an exceptionally loving and emotional person, but as an individual as well.

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers who struggle to overcome hurdles in day to day lives to be a better person and set great examples for their kids.


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  1. Well said girl ! Being a mother is not about sacrificing your life being a mother is to show how much the life means and how to handle life. Being a true example and role models for kids ❤️ bravo 👏 for all such mothers and proud of having one such mother ❤️

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