Inseparable hearts..!!

Sitting beside her window drinking a glass of red wine, Anika scribbled something in her diary. She wrote a line then watched the pouring rain. There is something weird about just exaggerates the feelings of a person..If you are sad it will make you more sad and if you are happy it will increase the happiness in your heart. Anika was somewhat in the middle, i.e. she was sad about her relationship situation but happy as Eshan was coming back after 20 days. She sipped her red wine. Deep lost in thoughts she remembered her old times with Eshan. 

The times when they were happy together. They giggled, laughed, watched soap operas, enjoyed late night Maggies followed by a lot of cuddling. It was the time when she had everything she ever wished for. A loving boyfriend, a dream job, they were so happy together. She wished if she could turn back time and get all that back. It felt they both have lost each other in the big big world. She wanted to tell this to Eshan, share what all she was feeling but these days everything led to fights and she was in no mood to start a new one.

While pondering over all these thoughts she looked at the watch, it was 7:30 in the evening, she remembered Eshan’s flight would have landed at 5:45 according to which he could be home any moment. Just the thought of seeing him after almost 20 days filled her weeping heart with joy. She decided to forget every negative thought. She ran to the mirror and give her a keen look. She obviously looked sad and tired. She changed into a cute pair of shorts and a t shirt, gave a nice comb to her hairs and let them open. the way he liked. She put on some lipgloss, a little kajal just then the bell rang. She ran to get the door. She was so excited to be in the arms of the one she loved the most in the world. As she opened the door there he was. He looked tired. He entered inside, put his bag aside and called his father to let him know that he has reached safely. Anika kept looking at him, waiting for his attention. Eshan disconnected the phone and said..This stupid rain…I am all wet..I will just go and take a quick shower.. Anika nodded in a yes to him but in her heart she was hurt, because what she expected was a tight hug..a passionate kiss and at least.. I missed you so much from him, which Eshan was not at all aware of. He told Anika how hungry he is and how tired he is feeling. Anika who was lost in her thoughts didn’t responded much to his conversation. Eshan went inside the bathroom feeling unimportant. As since some time he has been feeling that Anika has been too busy with her work and is not giving much importance to him.

After a while when Eshan came out of the bathroom he told Anika that he is ordering chicken from outside as he is too hungry. Anika who had been building theses castles of dreams where she is having a cozy dinner with him got immediately hurt as she was a vegetarian. So by the time Eshan asked her what she wanted to eat she was already upset. She told him that he does not need to care about that as she will take care of her dinner herself. Eshan by this point got tired of her and her mood swings so without saying anything he went inside to change. As the door of the room closed tears fell from Anika’s eyes as again she was expecting him to come and hug her and ask her what is wrong. She wiped them and let the anger kept burning in the heart. She went in the kitchen made a sandwich for her self and switched on the T.V. 

There was a complete silence in the house for 2 hours but the opposite was happening in the hearts of both of them. They both were angry, irritated and hurt but they kept it to themselves trying not to indulge into a fight, what they didn’t knew was that letting all out is the only solution to save a relationship.

Later at night Eshan and Anika lie in the beds looking in the opposite directions. There were questions everywhere but no one was ready to ask them. Next morning Eshan went out for work without saying a word to Anika. It was a day off from work for her so she was in bed till late. When she woke up and didn’t find Eshan she shattered down. She picked up her phone to call him but the ego took over all the love and she threw the phone on the bed. This was the first time their fight went on for so long which made her believe that her relationship was staling. The mere thought of living without Eshan made it difficult to breathe for her. It was then when the bell rang. She wiped her tears and controlled her emotions. She went to the door and slowly opened it. Her eyes were swollen and she was sure that Eshan would not notice this aswell. She saw Eshan standing at the door. As he looked at her face he noticed all the pain. He entered in and asked her what happened? Was she crying? Just these two questions of concern were enough to melt down Anika’s already melting heart . She jumped in his arms and he hold her tight. She hugged him for sometime and murmured in his know you are my lifeline and I would die if we are not together..He looked in her eyes and said..We will always be together and then they kissed passionately. The passion Anika was feeling missed. The passion which Eshan felt was lost. That day they spent like the old time, cuddling, kissing watching soap operas and eating maggie. They both talked their hearts out and to both of their surprise they were totally unaware of each other’s feelings. Anika felt that she found her lost love and so felt Eshan. 

Its so funny at times we plant misunderstandings and we keep rearing them, we keep building them by keeping our doubts and our needs to oneself. We forget that in order to rear a relationship we just need to do the opposite. We need to talk our hearts out.!!

Manasi Umanita


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