I am not your honor.. reputation or prestige..

I am me and I am no one’s nobody..

Don’t bound me for your honor..

Don’t kill my desires for your esteem..

Stop killing me and my aspirations..

As I am also a normal human being..

If you really wan’t to do something for me than stop all the abuses in my name.. 

Because I am totally unaware of the fact that you are abusing me for the fault of someone else..

May be to just hurt his ego..

But how can you hurt his ego ..by abusing the one he too keeps hurting..

If you want to do something for me than just leave me alone and set me free..!!

I am no Goddess I am no one’s nobody..

I am just a normal human being..

Just let me be me..!!

I don’t want those comforts..I don’t want luxuries….

All I want is to be released..

From your expectations..and the societal beliefs..

Like birds are born to fly and tigers run wild..

I am not born to be tamed..

I am born to run free..!!

Manasi Umanita


12 thoughts on “A GIRL’S DIARY”

  1. It’s beautiful..
    I hope someday people will really realise that they cannot cage a spirit that’s meant to be free on the name of culture, society, gender or sexuality. Instead they would just let them be free.. 🙂

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