Sitting in heaven I was chilling out..

On my lavish king size bed amidst all the clouds..

Relishing zestful delicacies I sipped my red wine..

Looking down I felt sad for the stuck human kinds..

Feeling relaxed and mollified I took a deep sigh..

As I was now out of all that fright..

I remembered the times when I was a part of the world below me…

It was a lot easier those days..as there were lesser number of choices..

I thanked God for the gifted beatification..

It was a lavish life I was enjoying in heaven..

As if watching a movie I looked down again..

Seeking some entertainment which I didn’t gain..

All I saw were lonely souls, fighting pointless battles alone..

Huge families but miles apart..I saw wobbly grandmothers alone..

So many communication devices..but no communication..

I saw crime..against children, women and even men..

I felt pity on those stupid souls..

Sipping my red wine I enjoyed the show..

Just then God appeared in front of me..

It had been weeks since I saw him..

He looked at my smiling face and asked me what I was thinking..

I told him how pity I was feeling..

As they have lost the real meaning of happiness..

And are busy in collecting regrets and nothing else..

God smiled and said..we all can see the flaws..

And he looked at me hopefully if I can resolve?

Confidently I said yes.. as I see the mistakes clearly from up above..

And then the words uttered..I dare you Go down and help the world..

I laughed and told him that he got me..

But my laughter subdued when I saw him staring at me.

He said it is easy said then done..

No one accepts the dare to help the world..

I looked at his sad face and accepted his dare..

He hugged me tightly for this huge favor..

Just then the alarm clock buzzed and I woke up in my bed.. 

Feeling amused I smiled at the stupid dream I just had,

Getting ready I went for work..

But in the mid way I got a call from my mother..

Are you coming this weekend she confirmed on the phone..

I could hear her heartbeats as she was again expecting a no..

Just then I saw my boss’s call on waiting..

Putting her on hold I picked it immediately..

He asked me to accompany him for an official trip this Saturday..

Weighing the importance I accepted his offer, rejecting my mother’s right away..

And up above me the God smiled and dared one more soul..

Who was feeling pity on the condition of this world..!!

Manasi Umanita


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