Time cannot heal until you let it heal..!!

It has been a year, since Rahul left Priya alone amidst this chaotic life. Rahul and Priya were childhood lovers. They decided to get married at the age of 12.  It was their parents who kept them apart till 21, which was difficult but they managed it.. But after that, even they kept down their arms infront of their love. 19 March 2015 was the happiest day of their lives. It brought all what they ever wanted, eachother, and their fairytale journey began. Life was all beautiful and full of laughter and smiles, makeup love and fights until the day Rahul was detected with cancer. It was the third stage throat cancer, but he fought like a warrior just because he wanted to stay with Priya for a little longer. But, the day he realized the suffering he is giving to Priya as she watches him suffer, he decided to lose the battle to death. He decided to leave her for her sake and just went away, somewhere where she can never reach to him and see his pain.

Its been a year today since he left but still the wounds in her heart are as fresh as new. She was angry, with Rahul for leaving her unannounced, she was angry with herself for not being able to hold him longer and she was angry with the world for being lively, as she felt like the only lifeless thing amidst this it.

The girl who has always loved life, loved rains and blooming flowers now loves fall, the season of death and lifelessness. 

Whenever she tried to collect the shattered pieces of her life one or the other piece pierced her apart, leaving the wound in the open to stale. She tried to move on but every attempt led to a situation and she would just touch her wounds to revive them.

During all this struggle Aman, her another childhood friend stood with her. He was there when she wanted to cry, he was with her when she wanted to talk and even when she just wanted to sit quietly and watch the waves struggling to touch the shore. Priya knew that he had feelings for her, but she always ignored them. She does not wanted to spoil her friendship with him. 

Today on Rahul’s death anniversary when Priya was taking a stroll beside the sea opening her wounds which time was trying hard to bandage, she got busy in galling them and making them as sore as new. It is when Aman suddenly appeared from nowhere like a genie. It was one of those days when Priya was not in the mood to talk to anyone, and as always she clearly told this to Aman. But today Aman was not in the mood to comfort her, he knew its time to act like a stubborn doctor who knows what is needed to heal the wound rather than what a patient likes…he knew that may be it will hurt a little but later on it will heal the wound.

Priya was adamant on being left alone, but Aman grabbed her from her arms, this time he was in no mood to let her go and dive in the sea of sorrows. He told her that yes people go away from our lives and yes it is painful, the pain is excruciating but then you are here alive and you have to live this life. When the leaves fall off from the tress in the fall they mourn over them for an entire season but then they know that this is the cycle of life. They let go of the old leaves and welcome the new ones in spring, they know that they have to do this to keep the cycle of nature moving. You have been mourning over Rahul for too long and its time for the new season. Yes its painful and yes its difficult but than you can never let time heal your wounds if you keep opening the bandage it tries to wrap around your wounds. Rahul was not able to watch your pain when you cried day and night for him, what do you think he would be feeling right now if by any chance he is watching over you. He loved your smile and the cute little dimple on your left cheek, his happiness lied in it, its been long Priya you have kept him away from his happiness, its time to give it back to him. He deserves to be happy and so do you.

And just like that Priya realized, that its high time and she had been running away from life for too long. She gave up the fight against nature, and surrendered infront of time and requested it to heal her.

Manasi Umanita


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  1. Childhood love always makes great stories. It reminds me of “PS I Love You”. Try reading it.

    As for this, its an amazing story. Looking forward to reading much of your work, hon!!


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