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6 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Dreams!!

I was pursuing my graduation and like every other person in that phase I too had some big aspirations for myself and my future. I had so my dreams, but the way to them was too vague. I still remember the college staircase, where we all would sit and chat and discuss what we want to do in our lives. Everyone had a different dream but the one thing which was common amongst most of us was, the unsurity of a specific path to achieve our dreams.

It was then when our most beloved teacher came to picture and he broke down the way to success in a few simple and easy steps. He said success could be achieved by just following these steps and consistently working on them. Those steps were :







Thoughts– Think like the kind of person you want to become. It could be professionally or could be morally. Just think you are that person, already. For example if you want to become and actor then start thinking like actors, or if you want to be a doctor think like them.

Words– Speak like the kind of person you want to become. There is a particular language for every profession. Engineers, counsellors, actors, writers etc they all talk differently. You just need to speak like them and it is not difficult if you think like them, your words will automatically come out like them.

Action– What follows the words is the action. When you think like someone, speak like someone you automatically start acting like that particular person.

Habit– What comes after action is habit, habit is something which comes with time and if you are consistent in the previous steps you will automatically develop it. Have you ever met a person and felt that he is born to be a teacher or a fashionista. It is because they have develop a habit of behaving like one.

Character– All the consistent habits end up in becoming characters of people. Just think about it, by following the above said steps, one by one you end up in becoming the kind of person you want to be.

Destiny- We all know a person’s character leads to his destiny and this is what will happen to you as well.

By following these simple steps you can easily reach your destiny, the kind you want to land up in.

I remember, I hung a chart with the above steps in my room for a long-span of time until these steps were imprinted in my heart. If you don’t understand anything else than just think of a role model. A person you want to be like and start following him, his behavior, his manner of walking – talking and you can surely be like him.

So guys just reach out to your dreams and don’t keep hanging in the mid way, wasting your time, trying to figure out how to achieve your dreams.


Manasi Umanita


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