When they refound love..!!

Dev and Kriti have been together since 5 years. Initially it was all about long drives, long beach strolls, and never-ending chats and phone calls. What connected them was their small town upbringing and their big dreams. Struggling in the big city to achieve their dreams, fighting to win over the deadlines and working from day to night and then to day, time flew away. And amidst all this, the only thing that suffered was their love.They were hardly being able to spend time with each other. Working hard rubbing their asses off, they missed each other in the same house.

It is said that God always tests true love. He puts hurdles, problems and complications in various faces, and the more devotion you show the more he tests you. Same happened with them when Dev got his promotion letter, he jumped up and down in excitement but what he was unaware about was that this big promotion came along with bigger complexities for his relationship with Kriti. His boss told him that his work profile now includes taking care of three more branches of their company along with the one he is handling. This meant that now he will be traveling more often and he will have to spend most of the month in three different cities away from Kriti.

Time already was difficult for both of them with the difficult working hours, but this was big. Slowly and steadily all his excitement melted down. He was not sure whether it is a happy news or a sad one. He decided to break the news to Kriti over a romantic candle light dinner. He was not sure whether he should grab the opportunity or should hold on to his dying relationship, suffocating under their dreams and aspirations. This promotion was important but he was not sure if it was more important than his relationship.

So, in this dilemma trying to weigh down the importance of his dream and relationship, he waited for Kriti at her favorite rooftop restaurant. After fifteen minutes which felt like ages to him a beautiful, tall, fair lady appeared in her formals. She was on phone talking to someone, discussing about approaching product launch. She hugged Dev and sat on the opposite chair. Her kajal was a bit smudged, mascara little washed away. Her concealer has subdued through the day and her dark circles were visible under her eyes, through them were peeping out her fine lines. She tapped her forehead in anger and scolded the guy on the other side of the phone. Dev sat quietly and just watched the girl sitting opposite him. She was not the same Kriti he met 5 years ago. That Kriti was an extremely cool-headed, soft-spoken patient person, she was extremely aware of her looks and her clothes. She was the happy and chirpy girl, always reaching out for life. For her, Dev and her lover story was the most important thing in life. But the girl sitting infront of him was someone else, she had gained a lot in life but lost much more. He realized how they both have lost that happiness, those moments and that love in order to run after their dreams. The more they chased their dreams the more they grew up on them.

And suddenly his doubts were cleared, the dilemma was over. Meanwhile Kriti disconnected the phone and asked him about the special occasion, which called for this beautiful candle light dinner. Dev smiled at her and said.. To celebrate love..To tell you that there is nothing more important than you..and I will not loose you over other dreams and desire because I don’t want anything else other than you..

Kriti was surprised to hear this. This was the moment they have never lived in last few years. Just then her phone rang again, she looked at the screen it was from her office. She looked at Dev and smiled at him. She put the phone inside her bag and they both lived all those lost 5 years in this one candle light dinner. The chat they started never ended. It seemed as they have met each other after years, which was the truth. They were staying together since 5 years but they never lived together.

Time may have changed and so would have the definition of love, but true love still remains the same. It comes with the old-fashioned, feeling of loving someone with all you have, and above what all you can have. Dreams are important but it is you who has to decide at what point in life you have to stop dreaming for more and start living the dreams you have achieved.

Manasi Umanita


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