The Boy in Pink Trousers

What has happened to this generation? Whispered an old man in his wife’s ears. They both questionably, looked at the pink trousers of the boy at the bus stop.
His feminine body language raised a lot of questions in their minds and soon those judging eyes were multiplied by two middle-aged man, a young girl and a middle-aged woman.

They all looked at his pink trouser, tattooed arms and the black kohled eyes. Some laughed, some smiled satirically and some just stared at him angrily.
The light pink lip balm shined gracefully on his lips, and unaware of the world around him the boy was busy humming the Eminem songs playing on his headphones.
The whispering grew louder and everyone shifted away from him one by one as if his contagious disease could catch them too.
Soon they started passing remarks and questioning the society and the influence of west on the country which is disturbing our sacred land. The discussion grew and went on from television to films, from soap operas to internet, from the ethics of the old times to the ill-mannered children of todays time. The topic grew hotter and hotter,the young girl standing with them felt little awkward and irritated and she angrily looked at the boy in pink trouser mentally blaming people like him who are responsible for defaming the whole generation..but the young boy like before was lost in his songs.
To the girl’s relief she heard the horn of the bus and the morning 370 bus reached the stop on time. The boy got in the bus easily as he was standing alone in the corner. The crowd of mannered people mounted on eachother to enter the bus first, inorder to acclaim the limited free of which was already throned by the pink trouser boy.
Everyone entered the bus in order of their physical strengths…leaving the old couple behind.
After taking all the passengers the bus left the bus stop. Gracefully jumping through all the pit-holes the bus started going towards its destination. Ticket collector, collected the tickets and went on with his job. The young girl went to the corner and stood beside the window. The old couple stood in the aisle, heroically fighting against the continuous shocks and jerks as the bus jumped on the puddles..they managed to stand still.
They looked across the bus but there were no empty seats available. People were busy chatting, reading, sleeping and some just trying to avoid the eye contact with the old couple (as they did not want to give away their priced possession – their seats).

Old couple were shocked to see that the company of people who were discussing the deteriorating state of the Indian society with them were now behaving like strangers. The bus jumped in another pothole and the old man grabbed his wife’s hand instantly. They both looked into eachother’s eyes and smiled. Giving up on all the hopes they adjusted with the fact that they have to complete their journey like this only.
Just then someone tapped on the old woman’s shoulder the couple looked behind, the boy in the pink trouser signaled the old lady to take his seat. The old lady looked at her husband. Initially feeling a little skeptical about it, she slowly took the seat when the old man told her so. The old man looked at the boy who was still lost in his world on his headphones, he shyly smiled at him. The boy signaled him a thumbs up accepting his thanks and went back to his songs. The old man kept looking at the boy and then at the other passengers in the bus. He thought may be he was too quick in judging him. May be the situation of the society is not that worse, and may be what they need to see is the heart and the inner conscience of the people rather than their appearance. May be this is what the new generation is, they doesn’t care about the society but they do care about people.
After around  30 minutes the boy got down at a bus stop, still unaware of what had happened around him, still unaware of the heart change he made today.

Manasi Umanita

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