The Girl who Saw!!

It is a cloudy day, sun is trying hard to shine through the clouds. Trying its best to spread its rays through out the city. I don’t know which city it is, but I can spot a few Asian people by the beach. Some were taking a stroll, while others were just passing by. Just then I noticed a blue car crossing the bridge. A beautiful Asian women waving her hand out of the window. Music was on. A young man was driving. They looked happy.  May be they were going on an outing, since it was a Friday morning. The car reaches the middle of the long bridge, and suddenly the sound of siren overlaps everything. It is too loud, too scary. The smile vanished from the couple’s faces and they looked at the unending ocean on either side of the bridge. I was not able to understand what is happening and just then I noticed a gigantic wave rising from the Ocean. Deeply shocked, the man pulled the reverse gear with as much force as possible. The car started going in reverse at its fastest speed, but to my shock I saw the wave approaching them at a much faster speed and soon it engulfed the tiny car in. I was shocked and terrified as I watched the car vanishing inside the huge wave along with the couple. Nothing was audible except the sound of the water passing the bridge and gushing inside the city. I wanted to scream, but I was choked, I wanted to breathe but could not, the water was flooding my body too, filling it up fast. I tried my best to fight for air but I was choking, trying the hardest to come above the sea level, I got up, coughing.

I looked around and I was on my bed in my room. I was all covered in some salty water, which after a few seconds I realized was sweat. I put the book aside which I was reading while I went into a nap and got up to get some water to drink. My nerdy room-mate, Sameera who was always up for an adventure was reading something on her laptop…may be some mystery novel on her kindle. She looked at me and asked me..Some scary dream again..?? I smiled at her and said..”Yes..but this one was weird and one of the most common..I mean everyone dreams about getting drowned in water once in a lifetime…” but mine was a bit different as I was drowning in a gigantic, never-ending wave..”

Sameera said don’t you think, this is a bit weird..these dreams you get are somewhere related to reality..I mean last time you watched yourself in a coffin surrounded by a lot of media and the famous actor died..and then you saw yourself getting riddled with bullets and you know..I looked at her irritatingly and day that famous terrorist attack took place..I have heard this so many times..stop cooking these weird stories..and trying to find adventures in everything around you..I sternly looked at her and announced…satisfy your urge for excitement through those mystery novels, adventure movies and yes..your favorite Doctor Who..I like my life to be as boring as know I can’t handle excitement..!!

Sameera looked at me expressionless. Sipping on my glass of water I switched on the television..and changed channels and what I saw on the news channel shook me to the core..the footage of a blue car rolling in a huge wave of water. In bold letters it was flashing on the screen..”a big Tsunami wave hits Japan..” Feeling paralyzed I could not move. My heart beat raced as fast as it could..I was not able to utter anything out of my mouth. Sameera said something to me which I was not able to hear. My stomach was churning and my heart was sinking in..I heard Sameera she asked as she repeated…what happened..?? When I didn’t answered she came to me and repeated the question. Words were not coming out of my mouth but I tried my best and slowly murmured… may be you were right..My dream came was not some gigantic wave I was drowning my dream..people have named it Tsunami..!!

Manasi Umanita


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