Yes, I am a writer..

I sell my pain..

The more you hurt me..

More shall I grow..

The tears you give me..

Turn into my words..

The pain you give me..

Are the seeds of my sword..

Yes..!! I am a writer..

I sell my pain..

The more you hurt..

More shall I gain..!!


Manasi Umanita

Pic Courtesy: photographyclubofindia.com


24 thoughts on “Writer..!!”

  1. You know this just reminds me of a recent discussion. this poet friend and I were caught up in.
    So we was talking about pain.
    I happen to raise questions like: what is it really about pain? Why don’t they write about the happy things?
    He just raised an eyebrow and asked, “tell me about two successful authors who wrote about happiness…?”
    well… πŸ™‚

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    1. I think there are pepl who automatically incline towards pain..and some who attract happines..I think being a writer or a poet is all about feeling..feeling anything..happiness..sadness or any other emotions..Its just about the depthness in a person..!!

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      1. yes..always..!!I guess in todays busy and hectic life..everyone is looking for someone who can make them laugh..who can give them some happiness..aajkal dard baatne wale kam milte hain..pepl find peace in hearing abt someone else’s pain..!! Reading abt their pain and thinking abt urs make them relieved..!!

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