Keeping the blocks one on the other

She locked herself in..

Deciding to stay inside..

She shut everyone out..


Life felt dull..

It felt empty to her..

So, giving up on everyone..

She decided to leave..


Weeping day and night..

She fiddled between two thoughts..

Should I pierce my wrist..

Or hanging myself is a better thought..


She kept weighing both..

Giving up on all the hope..

Feeling lonely at her place..

She thought there was no one..

No one, who had her back..


Unaware of the fact that he is waiting..

Sitting patiently outside her door..

Waiting for her to open it on her own..


While she found ways to go way..

He waited for her to let him in..

Thinking not to disturb her peace..

He sat patiently..and quietly..


No one spoke..No one expressed..

Feeling that the other can hear the unsaid..

Just in the misunderstanding she went away..

And he kept waiting for her to open the gates..

Manasi Umanita

Pic courtesy: in.pinterest.com & prehospitalresearch.eu



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