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Don’t give up..!!

Yesterday morning while reading newspaper..I came across one more suicide case. A girl around 21 years old was not happy with her life. She said in her note that she felt lonely and she could not handle the burden of this life anymore..!!

I read the whole article and it shook me from within..How easy it has become to end one’s just give it up like that..!! I read somewhere that you are given this life because you are strong enough to live it..” What if this is the truth..God choses the strong ones..the ones he believe in and sends them to Earth.

Do we do justice to his belief by giving up like that ??

Don’t we let him down..and with him we let down the faith of the people who love us and care for us. What if we meet him after departing from this world and we regret what we did..!!

May be that one weak moment..that one weak situation..if we just pass it and then we feel what we were thinking was wrong and stupid.

What if we regret letting him down after we take our lives??

What if..??

So lets just try to be a little stronger. Lets just hang in there and ask for help if needed. Lets just not give up everything this life has gifted us. I know life gets tough..I know it gets difficult but lets be a bit stronger and show God we are worth everything he gave us.

Lets just take a few seconds..and think about the beautiful moments, the happy moments of this life..and just take a deep breath..Let those weak and dull moments pass by..may be in the next moment we can see the light..the light of hope..the light of positivity.

So, lets just hang in there..for us and for the one who love us.!! Lets just extend our hand and ask for asking for help is any-day better than giving up.!! Lets just promis ourselves that we no matter what, we won’t give up!!

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  1. Giving up is easy. Standing and facing the world is tough. It’s hard. To run away from the pain is no solution.i wish we could tell this to those who needed it in their weak moments. And I hope everybody have strength and courage to face the situations and not giving up. All the people Need to see around them. Any one you think might be needing help. Go . Help them. Hold them. You never know which lie you may save. This is the article we need to share to the world. Keep writing.

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    1. I know..In todays time of competition and pressure, we all go through depression at one or the other moment…and may be if we can help the depressed people in those weak moments..give them the light of hope…supoort them with some positivity and strength…So many lives could be saved.. πŸ™‚

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  2. Life is precious…and so is a whole lot of compassion. A great deal of time what we do is blame the suicide victim for indulging in such a maneuver. What we ignore here is the fact that suicide is often preceeded by intense periods of depression, which is clinically proven to be a “medical condition.” When a person close to us loses life…somewhere down the lane, we are equally to be blamed. They show signs, subtle ones…of their utter hopelessness. We shrug it off as “give her a day…she will be all right!”
    You have written a great article…I hope people are more compassionate towards someone going through any sort of mental illness and provide them support in whatever way it is possible, rather than judging her/him to be weak and disapproving her/his gesture of giving up!
    Keep up the good work😊

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  3. Life is precious.People tend to get weaker nowdays ,no people to share their problems or to listen to it nothing ,all this creates problem in onself which later tends to depression which makes dem completely detached from evrything and last they give up on life itself.It is hurting ,one thing we can do is to be close to r near ones ,lend dem a ear when needed ,talk no matter how busy you are,support them ,stop judging nd stay by deir side.this would definitely make a change in them and would help them to come back in life.God given blessing is human life ,stay positive nd be positive.
    Great Post πŸ‘

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    1. I know..I guess most of us take life far more seriously.. Life is just a gift of God given to us..and instead of taking it so seriously and worrying over issues..we should just enjoy the time we have been given..!!


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