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We all are blessed with a uniqueness..what’s your?

I believe, we all are gifted with something unique..a blend of something which no one else possesses.  All we need to do, is to find out what we love most and then just spend the rest of our lives, loving it in the truest manner possible..and just polishing it steadily day by day. We all… Continue reading We all are blessed with a uniqueness..what’s your?

Non Fiction

What caste I am..??

The other day I was hanging out with a friend at a cafe. We were having a casual conversation about life, when I overheard the conversation of two people sitting behind me. Relishing their waffles and shakes they were talking about some random guy who is doing great in his life, but is a “Naai”… Continue reading What caste I am..??

Inspired from real lives

Smart Work pays off.!! (2 min. read)

It was a lazy Sunday evening. I had been sitting on my couch the whole day..munching on some popcorns and watching movies back to back, when I decided to go for a walk at the beach. I had been feeling little low since last few days as no meeting was turning out positively and in… Continue reading Smart Work pays off.!! (2 min. read)

Non Fiction

For All You Superwomen..!!

Hey you..Superwomen!! I am talking to you all..!! Perhaps you all would be busy with something, trying to showcase your superpowers..juggling between more than the number of jobs a normal human being can handle. May be you are currently on a phone call related to work, trying to chase your dreams and meanwhile handling the… Continue reading For All You Superwomen..!!

Inspired from real lives

What True Love is??

  Few days back me and my friend went for a walk in the garden. We have become a bit health conscious since last few days, as we noticed the width of the tyre around our waist was increasing. We decided to religiously go for brisk walks to maintain it, so that we can guilty… Continue reading What True Love is??


The Day I Broke Up With My Dream..!!

  I am from a small town called Meerut and this is my love story. I was around 11 Years old when I first fell in love. It was the cold month of October and on a weekend I went to watch “Kuch Kuch Hota hai” ( a famous Hindi movie) with my family. The… Continue reading The Day I Broke Up With My Dream..!!

Inspired from real lives

Lesson by the beach

It was mid February, and as expected the sun was shining bright upon our heads, as if laughing a devilish laughter, showing off its power. Me and my friends went to a beach around 200 kilometers away from Mumbai, as we wanted to enthrall ourselves with some water sports. It was quite humid that day… Continue reading Lesson by the beach