Those quarrels over the damp towel on the bed.. Those fights over the dirty shoes lying by the bed side..   Those teasing and pokings throughout the day.. Those fights to give eachother, the last piece of pie..   Those endless waiting hours by the window side.. Those unending phone calls and messages on mobiles..… Continue reading Love..!!

Non Fiction

6 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Dreams!!

I was pursuing my graduation and like every other person in that phase I too had some big aspirations for myself and my future. I had so my dreams, but the way to them was too vague. I still remember the college staircase, where we all would sit and chat and discuss what we want… Continue reading 6 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Dreams!!


Time cannot heal until you let it heal..!!

It has been a year, since Rahul left Priya alone amidst this chaotic life. Rahul and Priya were childhood lovers. They decided to get married at the age of 12.  It was their parents who kept them apart till 21, which was difficult but they managed it.. But after that, even they kept down their… Continue reading Time cannot heal until you let it heal..!!


Innocent Little Skirt

Hiding in the closet the little skirt was so terrified, as she heard someone talking about the recent rape case. People were blaming the short black skirt of some girl. Terrified and shocked to its core she hid behind the blue top. Still trying to understand how can she be inviting a rape. She was lost.… Continue reading Innocent Little Skirt



Sitting in heaven I was chilling out.. On my lavish king size bed amidst all the clouds.. Relishing zestful delicacies I sipped my red wine.. Looking down I felt sad for the stuck human kinds.. Feeling relaxed and mollified I took a deep sigh.. As I was now out of all that fright.. I remembered… Continue reading AND GOD DARED ME..!!



I am not your honor.. reputation or prestige.. I am me and I am no one’s nobody.. Don’t bound me for your honor.. Don’t kill my desires for your esteem.. Stop killing me and my aspirations.. As I am also a normal human being.. If you really wan’t to do something for me than stop… Continue reading A GIRL’S DIARY


Inseparable hearts..!!

Sitting beside her window drinking a glass of red wine, Anika scribbled something in her diary. She wrote a line then watched the pouring rain. There is something weird about rains..it just exaggerates the feelings of a person..If you are sad it will make you more sad and if you are happy it will increase… Continue reading Inseparable hearts..!!

Inspired from real lives

The heart in which a mother and a woman coexists..!!

This one is for all the mothers of today. In whom co exists a mother and a woman. A mother who is a nurturer and a woman who has dreams and aspirations which she never wants to give up. We have always recognized and appreciated the warmth, care and all the emotions that comes with… Continue reading The heart in which a mother and a woman coexists..!!

Non Fiction

We all are blessed with a uniqueness..what’s your?

I believe, we all are gifted with something unique..a blend of something which no one else possesses.  All we need to do, is to find out what we love most and then just spend the rest of our lives, loving it in the truest manner possible..and just polishing it steadily day by day. We all… Continue reading We all are blessed with a uniqueness..what’s your?

Non Fiction

What caste I am..??

The other day I was hanging out with a friend at a cafe. We were having a casual conversation about life, when I overheard the conversation of two people sitting behind me. Relishing their waffles and shakes they were talking about some random guy who is doing great in his life, but is a “Naai”… Continue reading What caste I am..??