Those quarrels over the damp towel on the bed.. Those fights over the dirty shoes lying by the bed side.. Those teasing and pokings throughout the day.. Those fights to give eachother, the last piece of pie.. Those endless waiting hours by the window side.. Those unending phone calls and messages on mobiles.. Stealing a… Continue reading Love..!!


Time cannot heal until you let it heal..!!

It has been a year, since Rahul left Priya alone amidst this chaotic life. Rahul and Priya were childhood lovers. They decided to get married at the age of 12. ┬áIt was their parents who kept them apart till 21, which was difficult but they managed it.. But after that, even they kept down their… Continue reading Time cannot heal until you let it heal..!!

Non Fiction

For All You Superwomen..!!

Hey you..Superwomen!! I am talking to you all..!! Perhaps you all would be busy with something, trying to showcase your superpowers..juggling between more than the number of jobs a normal human being can handle. May be you are currently on a phone call related to work, trying to chase your dreams and meanwhile handling the… Continue reading For All You Superwomen..!!