Keeping the blocks one on the other She locked herself in.. Deciding to stay inside.. She shut everyone out..   Life felt dull.. It felt empty to her.. So, giving up on everyone.. She decided to leave..   Weeping day and night.. She fiddled between two thoughts.. Should I pierce my wrist.. Or hanging… Continue reading AND SHE WENT AWAY..!!



Yes, I am a writer.. I sell my pain.. The more you hurt me.. More shall I grow.. The tears you give me.. Turn into my words.. The pain you give me.. Are the seeds of my sword.. Yes..!! I am a writer.. I sell my pain.. The more you hurt.. More shall I gain..!!… Continue reading Writer..!!



  In an attempt to overshadow my loneliness.. I surrounded myself with the hue and cry of city life.. I went to malls, market and coffee shops.. But all I heard were the screams of lonely souls, and their hearts cry.. Walking past them, hearing all the pain... I felt there were sufferings much more… Continue reading Soulmate..!!


When they refound love..!!

Dev and Kriti have been together since 5 years. Initially it was all about long drives, long beach strolls, and never-ending chats and phone calls. What connected them was their small town upbringing and their big dreams. Struggling in the big city to achieve their dreams, fighting to win over the deadlines and working from… Continue reading When they refound love..!!



Those quarrels over the damp towel on the bed.. Those fights over the dirty shoes lying by the bed side.. Those teasing and pokings throughout the day.. Those fights to give eachother, the last piece of pie.. Those endless waiting hours by the window side.. Those unending phone calls and messages on mobiles.. Stealing a… Continue reading Love..!!



Sitting in heaven I was chilling out.. On my lavish king size bed amidst all the clouds.. Relishing zestful delicacies I sipped my red wine.. Looking down I felt sad for the stuck human kinds.. Feeling relaxed and mollified I took a deep sigh.. As I was now out of all that fright.. I remembered… Continue reading AND GOD DARED ME..!!



All excited she got ready..trying various clothes.. A red dress…or a pink top..what would look allure.. She wanted to welcome him, looking her best.. So, giving up on the pink top,  she chose the red dress.. Sitting in-front of the mirror she put her makeup on.. Mascara, lipgloss, eyeshadow she did it all.. As she… Continue reading THE WAIT